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Rules and Regulations
I. Introduction

The following are the Rules and Regulations affecting all users who use the Golden Sunrise Forum, and enforced at the discretion of the Forum Faculty.

All users should be familiar with the official Zetaboards Terms of Use before posting on this forum.

The Golden Sunrise Forum strives for a safe, engaging, and friendly community where users can come and discuss the Golden Sun series and any other topic comfortably and happily, provided said topics do not breach the Zetaboard's Terms of Use or the rules listed below. The Golden Sun series is intended for a general audience, and all content on the Golden Sunrise forum should be appropriate for a general audience.

II. Prohibited Content

Prohibited Content refers to any content that is posted (including PMs), attached to posts, uploaded, or linked to that is considered excessively inappropriate for the Golden Sunrise Forum or is otherwise forbidden by the Zetaboards Terms of Use.

In addition to the items listed in section 3 of the Zetaboards Terms of Use, the following items are prohibited:

  • Discussion of the process of, methods for, or instruments used in sex.
  • Posting or providing links to ROMs, illegal files, or websites with illegal content.
  • Hate speech in any form (e.g. racism, sexism).
  • Flaming, insulting, attacking, or harassing another member for any reason.
  • Spam outside of the Randomness forum, given the following definition: Unintelligible posts, excessively creating posts or topics in a short timeframe, or unauthorized advertising (commercial or otherwise).
  • Excessive swearing or foul language.
  • Excessive Limited Content (see Section III).
  • Public appeals or complaints of disciplinary action.

What constitutes as Prohibited Content is under staff discretion at all times. Users found to be posting Prohibited Content may be subject to one or more of the following consequences:

  • The offending topic or post may be edited, closed, or deleted.
  • A verbal warning with no lasting consequence.
  • A single, permanent increase to their Warning Level per incident. A user who surpasses a Warning Level of 5 will be permanently banned.

Users who are banned from the Golden Sunrise Forum are not permitted to create new accounts, unless an exception is made by the Forum Faculty. These exceptions can be revoked any time the user makes an offense.

Users may appeal a disciplinary action only via Personal Message. They may appeal once with the staff member who made the disciplinary action, and if unsatisfied, once with a single other Administrator. Additional appeals may be considered harassment of the Forum Faculty.

III. Limited Content

Limited Content refers to any content that is posted, attached to posts, uploaded, or linked to that is considered inappropriate for the Golden Sunrise Forum, but not so inappropriate that it is outright prohibited. The Forum Faculty asks that members refrain from posting Limited Content as a courtesy to other members. However, please note that excessively posting Limited Content is prohibited.

The following items are considered Limited Content:

  • Suggestive images or speech: Content that does not necessarily violate the sexual content rules of the Zetaboards Terms of Use or the Golden Sunrise Forum's Prohibited Content, but may be construed as overtly-sexual in nature.
  • Pointless content outside of the Randomness forum, e.g. consistently posting off-topic discussion, or posts containing only images, a single word, or nonsense.
  • Double posting. Normally the boards will merge double posts, so if you need to bump a topic in which you were the last poster, feel free to post again. There is a way to avoid the merger, however, and due to competition revolving around post count, you are not permitted to use the workaround.
  • Back-seat moderation: Non-staff members may politely discuss whether or not a member's post contains Prohibited or Limited Content, or is otherwise offensive or upsetting, and/or use the Report button on an offending post, but once a staff member has addressed the issue, all discussion on it should stop immediately.
  • Arguments: Debate and discussion is different from an argument; arguments between members should be settled over PM instead of on public forums, but keep in mind that the Prohibited Content rules also apply to PMs.

What constitutes as Limited Content or excessive Limited Content is under staff discretion at all times.

IV. Forum Faculty

This section lists the current staff members, their positions, and their powers. Staff members can be identified by their Green usernames. Administrators have total control over the forum and are the highest ranking staff members. Moderators enforce forum rules, and are able to edit and delete posts, edit, delete, move, and close topics, and change your Warning level.

The current Administrative team consists of:

The current Moderators are:

In addition, Administrators can assign Moderator privileges to individual members over specific forums or subforums.
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